Marko Ćurčić


Born in 1981 in Zrenjanin. With a desire to continue his father’s legacy he finished Medical College for Occupational therapist year 2003, and immediately continued education for Physiotherapist. He started his rich career in “Banja Rusanda”, Melenci year 2003 where he worked till 2013.

Even during his studies he developed a special interest in sports medicine and manual therapy techniques which led him to pursue career as part time physiotherapist in many sports clubs in district of Zrenjanin starting year 2006.

With a strong determination to travel around the world he started his sea adventure as Massage therapist on cruise ships in year 2013. Because of his exceptional knowledge of massage techniques and good customer relations skills, he quickly gets promoted to Assistant Spa Manager, and during his second contract into a Spa Manager. His career on cruise ships continues as Training Supervisor year 2014, the position which he stills holds.

I love Aruba

His love for sports prevailed and he accepted the position as Physiotherapist for Serbian Wrestling team year 2015. He is proud to say that since he is taking care of health and well being our best wrestlers Serbia is richer for a gold medal from Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016, one bronze medal from World Championship in Las Vegas in 2015 and 3 silver medals from European Championship in Riga in 2016.



Year 2015 he founded Physio Spa confident that he can transfer the knowledge and experience to young and ambitious therapists and with the goal to offer the best wellness experience in Zrenjanin district and wider in the near future.

“More knowledge, more skills, more success!” is one of my favorite quotes and it was a guideline of my professional career. With that in mind I chose my associates, which are professional and have a hunger for more knowledge and skills. That gives me the right to invite you to experience Your unforgettable Physio Spa moment.