Marko Ćurčić


I used to think that massage was a matter of prestige, but today, I know it's a NECESSITY!

The real question is why I know that massage is one of those things that everyone should experience? Because I used to work in a job (physiotherapist), which, when done with a lot of empathy, carries a significant amount of stress and tension. When I discovered what a good massage can do for my body, I knew it was an area I wanted to explore further.

I attended countless courses on massage, traveled to the other side of the world to study different massage techniques, worked on cruise ships and private yachts, and was a physiotherapist for the Serbian wrestling team, all with the goal of taking my skills to a level where I could help as many people as possible.

And that's how Physio Spa was born. Here, I selected my team of physiotherapists and massage therapists who share the same passion - a love for massage and a desire to help others.

I believe that because of massage, I have become a better person, a better father, and a better entrepreneur! Since I learned how to deal with the effects of stress and tension through regular massage and physical activity, I can fully dedicate myself to my clients and help them experience what a good massage can do for them.

My superpower is recognizing your body's needs and creating the best possible treatment for you. You don't have to choose your treatment on your own and know in advance which massage style is right for you. Just choose Treatment with Marko, and after an initial assessment, I will tailor the perfect combination of movements and massage points to rejuvenate your body!

You can schedule an appointment at Physio Spa by calling +381466414 or through our website!

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