Massages We Offer

Swedish relax massage
A massage technique aimed at accelerating circulation, improving skin tone, reducing muscle tension, and resulting in a state of overall relaxation of the body and mind.
Manual lymphatic drainage
A set of specific light skin and superficial fascia movements aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system responsible for eliminating harmful metabolic waste products. The result is reduced water retention, decreased swelling, and detoxification of the body.
Medically applied reflexology is an ancient skill used to treat specific zones on the feet that correspond to internal organs and parts of the body to establish balance - balance within them and stimulate the body's self-healing. Working on the feet relaxes, refreshes the body, and provides a sense of lightness in the legs.

30min 2000din

45min 2400din

60min 3000din

Therapeutic Massages

Hot stone massage
Hot stone massage is a special type of massage that, in combination with skilled therapeutic hands, helps relax tense muscles, improve circulation, and soothe the nervous system. Hot stone massage is enhanced by the use of natural oils, which not only help the stones glide but also nourish and nurture the skin.
Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic massage combines various manual therapeutic techniques for mobilizing soft tissue structures and joints, performed by a qualified physiotherapist. It is enriched with a blend of essential oils that significantly reduce pain and successfully release accumulated tension. Microcirculation and relaxation of the back and neck muscles are promoted, stress-related issues are alleviated, and it strongly affects the release of all body blockages. A perfect choice after a long workday or a stressful event.
Sports massage
Intensive massage techniques combined with muscle stretching expedite the removal of lactic acid produced during muscle exertion, enabling faster muscle recovery and improving athletic performance. Sports massage accelerates the body's recovery after training, and it can also prepare muscles for training by warming up and stretching.
The Japanese technique of "finger pressure" with roots in knowledge dating back thousands of years is considered the precursor to all other massage techniques. By applying pressure with the thumb, finger, elbow, or even the foot on energy points in the body, combined with gentle stretching and deep breathing, the body is brought back to a balanced state, and vital energy is replenished.
Tradicionalna Tajlandska masaža
Originating from the influences of Chinese, Indian, and Japanese traditional medicine, it combines intense pressure on the body's energy channels and stretching exercises similar to yoga for a perfect experience. A full-body Thai massage treatment results in a complete sense of freedom of movement, reduced psycho-physical tension, harmony of body and mind, and the unblocking of life energy.

30min 2500din

60min 3300din

90min 4200din

Aromatherapy massage
A specialized treatment designed to alleviate the effects of accumulated stress, general tension, fatigue, headaches, PMS, allergies, and many other health issues. Essential oils are used during the treatment, tailored to your specific needs.

60min 3600din

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