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Physio Spa Center is a unique wellness center in Zrenjanin, located in an exclusive area right in the city center within Hotel Vojvodina, with secure parking, where you'll find everything you need for complete revitalization of your body and spirit. Our uniqueness lies in the carefully selected team of physiotherapists and professional masseurs who are here to make your massages an unforgettable experience you'll gladly return to, using their skilled hands.

Besides the most comprehensive massage services in Zrenjanin, we also offer saunaas well as physical therapy treatments. making it the perfect combination for achieving harmony of your body and mind. It's up to you to choose which type of massage from our suggestions will be most enjoyable, and our expert staff will be there to assist you to the fullest.

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The professional staff of Physio Spa Center is guided by the motto: "More knowledge, more skills, more success!" in order to achieve and enhance your body and overall health. They constantly work on improving their skills.

We invite you to visit Physio Spa Center and experience your Physio Spa moment.

You can schedule an appointment at Physio Spa by calling +381466414 or through our website!

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Cancellation or changing of a scheduled appointment - POSSIBLE!

If it is necessary to cancel your appointment or change the time, please do so 24 hours in advance.

Give us at least one business day to accommodate the new situation. So, if you cancel your scheduled appointment 24 hours in advance, we will greatly appreciate it.