Benefits of Sauna

The Finnish sauna is used worldwide for relaxation, enjoyment, and improving overall health. Essentially, it's a dry sauna with a temperature of around 90°C and low humidity of 10-15%. Spending time in a sauna can make you feel healthier and more refreshed. The benefits for sauna users are numerous. Physically, nothing is healthier for our bodies than daily sweating, which helps melt away muscle tension. Psychologically, it results in complete relaxation and the regeneration of vital energy.

During a sauna session, the heat promotes blood circulation, leading to significant sweating. Sweating in the sauna helps eliminate harmful substances and toxins from the body, relaxes it from tension and stress, and requires a considerable amount of energy, burning about 300 calories (approximately equivalent to a 5 km light run).

High temperatures stimulate the release of endorphins (the happiness hormone), a natural substance that relieves pain. Muscles relax, tension and the daily buildup of stress decrease, and uncomfortable rheumatic bone pain in arthritis and arthrosis is alleviated. Using a sauna before bedtime contributes to improved sleep quality and can alleviate insomnia if present. In addition to the benefits of heat on the body, the sauna takes us to a calm place without external distractions.

The heat in the sauna causes an increase in body temperature, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It also lowers blood pressure and improves the elasticity of blood vessels because they expand and contract in short time intervals, which acts as a form of exercise for the smooth muscles in their walls. Due to the elevated temperature, the release and secretion of defense components in the blood are encouraged, which protect against various viruses and bacteria. Therefore, the sauna strengthens the body's immune system.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED for individuals with heart and circulatory diseases, high blood pressure, nervous system disorders, and severe skin conditions. If you are unsure whether you can use a sauna, it is necessary to consult with a doctor before use.


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