I have graduated from Medical School in Zrenjanin, where I learned how the human body works. Our organism fascinated me. I wanted to learn more about it, so I continued my education at the Department of biology at the Faculty of Science at the University of Novi Sad. After graduation from the Faculty, I got interested in massage therapy, and I continue learning more about different styles and treatments of this discipline.

In my eleven year-long career I have worked in different salons and hotels. I have noticed a significant change in the attitude people have toward massage therapy. Ten years ago, massage therapy was considered a luxurious and unnecessary self-indulgence. But, nowadays, a lot of people are going on regular massage therapy, even if they do not have any health issues, to maintain good shape and health.

My superpower is a relaxing massage therapy. My numerous clients can tell you how relaxed, stress-free, and more agile they feel after my treatments. Occasionally, they even take a nap during massage therapy. But, when we finish with the treatment, they feel more energetic and more relaxed, ready to keep up with their fast life pace.