Milan Ćurčić


You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a massage, which is almost the same. Be happy!

Besides being Marko’s younger brother, who is helping him with PhysioSpa, I am also a professional physiotherapist. It is essential to say that I am the one who is skillful with hands in the family. I can fix everything!

I gained a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from the Health College of Vocational Studies in Belgrade. Since I am also a pharmaceutical technician, with few years of experience in this area, I can also recommend you a medical therapy, if necessary.

As a senior physiotherapist, I am entirely devoted to you and your comfort. My goal is to help you and set your body to work like a swiss clock mechanism. Please don’t ask me how I do that. There is some magic in my hands that makes people feel better and happy.

My superpower is a therapeutic massage. This type of massage will help you feel better and pain-free. And I will be there to make it possible.