Ivan Izgarjan


Take care of your body now, and it will repay you throughout your life!

Even in my youth, I found pleasure in sports, specifically karate. Karate is an extremely demanding martial art, which means I became acquainted with countless injuries early on. Fortunately, I had a team of physiotherapists by my side who ensured that my career didn't suffer due to sports injuries.
During therapy, in conversations with future colleagues, I realized how noble the profession of a physiotherapist is and how much it can help improve people's quality of life.
I wanted to learn how to help athletes return to the activities they love as quickly as possible. That motivated me to enroll in the High Sports and Health School, specializing in vocational physiotherapy!
During my education, I studied many therapeutic procedures, but what particularly caught my attention is Hijama - cupping therapy!
It will help you cleanse your body of toxins and ease the burden you carry on your shoulders every day. My specialty is choosing the right combination of various massage techniques, chiropractic, and physical procedures that will rejuvenate your body and make you leave Fizio Spa with a smile on your face. Fizio Spa izađete sa osmehom na licu.
In the battle against daily discomfort caused by pain in a specific area, one must be persistent and patient. I am ready to fight this battle with you and emerge as winners in the end!

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